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Soustons actually has two lakes (a fresh water lake called Lac d'Soustons, and a saltwater lake connected to the sea called Port d'Albret) making it very popular with watersport enthusiasts. In the summer months (June to September) pedalos are available on both lakes and the Port d'Albret has electric boats.

The saltwater lake has tidal control sluices on a dam at the mouth of the estuary, which retains the maximum high water level in the Lake when the sea reaches low tide, thereby maintaining the use of the lake for watersports at all times! The dam also enables people walking or on bikes to circle the whole lake.


The local Soustons Nautical club caters for canoeing & kayaking enthusiasts, you can canoe/kayak from the inland lakes along beautiful waterways linking to the seawater lakes which open to the Atlantic Ocean.


Sailing, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing

Every conceivable type of sailing craft is on hire ranging from windsurfing boards, kitesurfing, sailing dinghies, 420's and catamarans, with lessons available for groups, schools or individuals all year round.

Ocean sailing can be found all along the coast and provides some of the most challenging sailing that can be experienced anywhere in the world.

An endless choice of marinas and harbours exist along the whole of the Atlantic coast making it a wonderful place to explore. We can arrange anything from a half day to several days sailing with instruction if required.

If you have your own dinghy, catamaran or motor boat you are welcome to store it at the Domaine de Bellegarde during your stay.



Whether you prefer a days fishing or intend to go out every day, we are able to organise a variety of interesting fishing excursions at relatively little cost. For fly-fishing, trout or grayling, we would recommend the local rivers and waterways in the South of Les Landes or the wonderful mountain rivers of the Pyrenées Atlantiques.

Some of the best fishing in France is the coarse fishing and you are spoilt for choice in Les Landes, where there are plentiful stocks of Catfish, Pike, and Carp as well as many other fish.

There are also opportunities to go sea fishing off the coast of the Les Landes and the Pyrenées Atlantiques on day boats. Why not experience the thrill of tuna fishing…bring your catch back to the Domaine de Bellegarde and we will cook it to your liking or we can grill it on the outdoor BBQ by the pool!

Sea casting is very popular and can be enjoyed from the wonderful beaches found along this amazing stretch of coast.

Sailing Sand yachting
Fishing Hossegor lake

Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Jetskiing

Waterskiing and wakeboarding are available on some of the lakes close to Soustons. If you have your own boat we can obtain a licence for use of the lakes that allow waterskiing.

Jetskis can be hired from Capbreton marina (20km) for a 45 minute blast over a 16km circuit along the coast or a longer half day excursion as a tour where you often see dolphins and even whales close up! A licence is required for the most powerful Jetskis which produce over 185 bhp!

South West France is a water sports paradise where you will be able to experience many other water sports than those described above including white water rafting, scuba diving, rowing, canyoning and of course surfing.

With an amazing climate and warm water temperatures there is no better place in Europe to experience the thrill and excitement that watersports offer.

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