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This area of France, situated between Bordeaux and Biarritz, is famed for its long sandy beaches, pine forests and impressive surf. Soustons village is ideally located to make the most of the area with endless opportunities for surfing just minutes from the villa.

This stretch of coast is world famous and provides some of the very best surfing in Europe and many international surf companies (Quiksilver, Billabong and Ripcurl) hold surf competitions in the region each year. If you pick up a surf magazine and see a cover shot of a guy/girl deep in a barrel of a hollow beach break then chances are it is a shot taken in the South West of France!

A variety of surf breaks cater to both beginners and more experienced surfers. Quintin grew up in Cornwall and is passionate about surfing having surfed for the past 18 years. He would be happy to show you to some of the more 'out of the way' surf spots, so that you get the most out of the your surfing experience.


Seawater temperatures are fantastic with an average sea temperature of 25°C for the summer months! The sea temperature has a lag effect after summer and remains above 18°C into October and doesn't fall lower than 12°C for the coldest winter months. This means summer is board shorts and sun cream and a shorty wetsuit can be worn in autumn.

Over 50 beaches exist in the stretch of coast from Biscarrosse in the North of Landes to Hendaye in the South of Basque country, not including those secret spots that the locals try to keep to themselves!

At some point in their lives most people would like to give surfing a go. Nowadays, an increasing number of people are experiencing this fantastic sport due to advances in equipment and teaching methods. A surfing holiday is ideal for families (children should be over 5 years old) or groups of friends that can benefit from learning together as it is a lot of fun and makes for great stories around the dinner table in the evenings after a wonderful days surfing at the beach!


To get the best out of your surfing holiday it is advisable to carry out an exercise program a couple of weeks beforehand to build your strength and stamina. Each person should be able to swim 50m in open water and have a reasonable level of fitness.

Any surfer will tell you that good tuition in the early stages can save many hours of frustration and really is worth its weight in gold. We have teamed up with a local surf school "Surf Universe" at one of our local beaches Vieux Boucau, just 8km from the villa.

From mid March to the end of November, Joseph Delaval and his team offer group and individual surfing and bodyboard lessons. Lessons are timetabled to reflect high and low tide, to give you the safest and best surfing experience.

Lesson prices include the hire of Ripcurl wetsuits, surfboards and/or bodyboard suited to your size and level. Group sizes are limited to maintain the quality and safety of all involved at all times.

  Lessons (includes equipment hire)
8 per group max.
1.5 hrs per day
5 per group max.
1 hr per day
Intro €35 €25
3 days €95 €69
4 days €120 €88
5 days €145 €105
6 days €168 €120
7 days €185 €133

For more information please visit:

The surf in this region is renowned for its consistency, especially in the autumn months when low pressure systems out in the Atlantic Ocean generate groundswells that reach this South West corner of France and form perfect barrelling waves.

Whether you are a first timer or seasoned pro you cannot beat this fine stretch of coastline with its outstanding climate for a surfing holiday.

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